What Airlines Fly Direct To Asheville Nc?

Business class flights to Asheville – There are 8 airports that have flights to Asheville in Business Class. All airports that offer business class flights to AVL are listed below: Currently there are no international flights to Asheville. The only flights to Asheville are domestic flights within United States.

To get to Asheville from another country you will need a flight with a stopover, for example through Dallas-Fort Worth or Chicago. There are lots of domestic flights to Asheville (AVL).25 airports in United States have direct flights to the airport. From Atlanta, direct flights are offered by Delta (SkyTeam).From Austin and Baltimore-Washington, you can fly with Allegiant.From Boston, you can fly non-stop with Allegiant or JetBlue.From Charlotte, direct flights are offered by American Airlines (Oneworld).From Chicago, you can fly non-stop to Asheville with Allegiant.

This route is recently announced though, and not operational yet. It will start in January 2023.From Chicago, you can fly non-stop with American Airlines (Oneworld) or United Airlines (Star Alliance).From Dallas-Fort Worth, the only airline with direct flights is American Airlines (Oneworld).From Denver, Destin / Fort Walton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Key West and Las Vegas, all direct flights to Asheville are operated by Allegiant.From Miami, you can fly non-stop to Asheville with American Airlines (Oneworld).

This is a seasonal route that starts in June and ends in August.From Minneapolis, direct flights are offered by Allegiant, Delta (SkyTeam) and Sun Country Airlines.From New York, you can fly non-stop with Allegiant or United Airlines (Star Alliance).From New York City, you can fly non-stop with American Airlines (Oneworld) or Delta (SkyTeam).From Orlando, direct flights are offered by Allegiant.From Philadelphia, the only airline with direct flights is American Airlines (Oneworld).

This route is recently announced though, and not operational yet. It will start in January 2023.From Punta Gorda, Sarasota / Bradenton and Tampa, all direct flights to Asheville are operated by Allegiant.From Washington, you can fly non-stop to Asheville with American Airlines (Oneworld).From West Palm Beach, direct flights are offered by Allegiant.

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What cities fly nonstop to Asheville?

Asheville Airport: Second Fastest Growing Airport in the U.S. | Asheville, NC’s Official Travel Site The was named as the second fastest growing airport in the country by, and the growth is continuing. With 27 consecutive months of passenger growth, and 11 consecutive months of double-digit growth, AVL has moved comfortably into the small-hub category of airports in the U.S.

AIRPORT FAST FACTS ► AVL is located just 12 miles from downtown, offers 50 direct flights daily to 20 destinations, including six international hubs, and is served by six airlines: Allegiant, American, Delta, Elite, Spirit and United. AVL is nearing the completion of $80 million in improvements, and recently opened a new five-story parking garage.

► TSA Pre✓® is now available at AVL. RECORD YEAR ► In 2018 AVL served more than 1 million annual passengers for the first time in its history. Passenger numbers grew by 18.6% compared to 2017, making 2018 the fifth consecutive record year of growth for the airport.

Is Asheville cooler than Charlotte?

On the hottest summer days, what’s the best way to beat the heat in the mountains of North Carolina? Since the city of Asheville is in a valley, it is usually only 5-8 degrees cooler than places like Charlotte or Atlanta. So high temperatures often reach 90 in the summer months.

However, as you head up into the higher mountains, you cool a few degrees every 1,000 feet in elevation gain. So the highest mountain peaks can run 15-20 degrees cooler than Asheville! And most of the mountain swimming holes are fed by cool mountain springs. Here are 10 ideas to keep your cool (click the links for details): 1.

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Sliding Rock : The most popular natural waterslide in the South is near Brevard. Slide down a 60-foot smooth rock waterfall into a pool of chilly 55-degree water (photo at top) with lifeguards on duty. On the hottest days, especially weekend, they run out of parking. 2. Mountain Swimming Spots : From cascading creeks to mountain beaches (photo above is Wildcat Lake ), see the best places to take a dip in our refreshing waters throughout the 16 counties we cover in western NC.3. Linville Caverns : Take a guided underground tour and enjoy nature’s refrigerator at 52 degrees year round. 4. River Tubing : Float down a scenic mountain river on a lazy summer day. Our favorite tubing locations are Deep Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains, Green River Gorge near Saluda and the French Broad River in Asheville.5. Whitewater Rafting : Get splashed while you ride down the river rapids. Inflatable kayaks can get you even wetter that rafts! Nantahala River has the coldest water. 6. Mt. Mitchell : The highest peak in eastern America stays up to 20 degrees cooler than the city of Asheville with summer highs usually in the 60s or lower 70s. Drive to the top and walk to the observation deck for 360-degree views or have a picnic in the cool mountain breezes (pic above).

  1. Hike the Deep Gap Trail to Mt.
  2. Craig through a lush forest and never go below 6,000 feet in elevation.7.
  3. High Hikes: If you want to hike on a summer day, head for the highest elevations and deep forests.
  4. In addition to Mt.
  5. Mitchell, hike lofty Big Butt Trail, Waterrock Knob, or the Appalachian Trail at Roan Mountain,

Beech Mountain has mile-high hiking, biking and golf. Also, hike early mornings to avoid the heat. Take plenty of water and sunscreen! Then you can relax with a cold beer in the afternoon.8. Blue Ridge Parkway : Ride north or south on the Parkway from Asheville to quickly climb in elevation, thus the temperatures drop.

Head north for a cool picnic at Craggy Gardens, usually at least 10 degrees cooler than the valleys. And you can enjoy a windshield tour in the cool comfort of your car. South is Richland Balsam, the highest point on the Parkway at 6,047 feet.9. Waterfalls : While it is dangerous at many waterfalls to swim (never get into the water at all above a waterfall), you can wade in the cool waters below many of the waterfalls or get sprayed by the mist.

See our Top 60,10. Shop! Spend the hottest part of the day browsing through the many air-conditioned art galleries and unique shops in downtown Asheville, Biltmore Village and many small mountain towns, ​ Skinny Dip Falls Cheers! End the day with cold beer in a Beer City brewery !

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What is the rainiest month in Asheville NC?

Average Rainfall for Asheville –

Month Precipitation
Jan 4.06in.
Feb 3.83in.
Mar 4.59in.
Apr 3.50in.
May 4.41in.
Jun 4.38in.
Jul 3.87in.
Aug 4.30in.
Sept 3.72in.
Oct 3.17in.
Nov 3.82in.
Dec 3.39in.

The driest month in Asheville is October with 3.17 inches of precipitation, and with 4.59 inches March is the wettest month.

What is the coldest month in Asheville NC?

January. January is the coldest month in Asheville with an average low of 27 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of just 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you do Asheville without a car?

In Asheville, North Carolina, you can have it any way you like it. Kick back and ride the trolley, take a taxi, rent a car or see historic sites on a bike taxi, if you’re into something unique.