Are Seat Belt Extenders Safe?

Are Seat Belt Extenders Safe
Are seat belt extenders safe to use with child car seats? The answer is no. Although key details are in dispute in Beth Woodruff’s lawsuit against Ford Motor Company, both sides agree on one key point: Seat belt extenders are not safe to use with child car seats.

Are seat belts really safer?

Wearing a seat belt certainly reduces the likelihood of incurring a serious injury or even dying in the event of a motor accident. According to NHTSA, seat belts saved 12,174 US lives in 2012. As such, a person who wears a seat belt is far much safer than a person who doesn’t.

How to check seat belt safety?

Webbing – Check the webbing for any nicks, cuts, holes and fraying as this shows wear and could affect your seat belt effectiveness. Buckle – look for any signs of damage. Fasten the seat belt and pull to check it’s secure. Check the stalk for any loose connection to the vehicle.

Do seat belts have lifetime warranty?

Seatbelts typically have a lifetime warranty from all auto manufacturers against any defects. The only time you’d need to buy them is when they have fired due to an airbag deployment or if they were cut with a knife.

Will I need a seat belt extender?

Up to this point, I am sure you can tell whether or not you need a seat belt extension. As seen earlier, it is only safe to use an extender when it is the only option you have. If the existing seat belt can fit your body, you do not need any extension.