How Many Seats Does Camp Nou Have?

How Many Seats Does Camp Nou Have
Gerelateerd Estadio Santiago Bernabéu 81.044 Wembley Stadium 90.000 Allianz Arena 75.024

How many seats do Camp Nou have?

Barça’s new stadium replaced their old ground of Les Corts which with a capacity of just 48,000 was too small to accomodate the interest generated by a team led by Hungarian star Ladislao Kubala. The stadium was designed by architects Francesc Mitjans Miró and Josep Soteras Mauri, with the collaboration of Lorenzo García Barbón, and it was constructed between 1955 and 1957, using mainly concrete and iron.

The whole project cost a staggering 288 million pesetas, which meant the club would spend the following years heavily in debt. Although it was originally going to go under the official name of ‘Estadi del FC Barcelona’, it soon came to be popularly known as the ‘Camp Nou’ (the ‘new ground’), as opposed to the club’s old home at Les Corts.

It was not until the 2000/2001 season that, following a postal vote made by the Club membership, that the decision was made to make ‘Camp Nou’ the official name of the stadium. Of the 29,102 votes the club received, a total of 19,861 (68.25%) preferred Camp Nou to Estadi del FC Barcelona.

The stadium’s maximum height is 48 metres, and it covers a surface area of 55,000 square metres (250 metres long and 220 metres wide). In accordance with UEFA stipulations, the playing area has been downsized to 105 metres x 68 metres. With a capacity of 99,354, it is now the biggest stadium in Europe.

However, the total capacity has varied over the years owing to different modifications. When it was first opened in 1957, it held 93,053 spectators, which would be increased to 120,000 in 1982 on occasion of the FIFA World Cup. However, the introduction of new regulations outlawing standing areas reduced the stadium’s capacity in the late 1990s to just under 99,000.

In the 1998-99 season, UEFA recognised the services and facilities at Camp Nou by awarding it five star status. In 2010, in line with the new UEFA regulations, this category was replaced by the new ‘Category 4’ title which corresponds to the stadiums which fulfill the most demanding requirements with regards to facilities, services and capacity such as FC Barcelona’s ground.

Of the different facilities on offer inside the stadium, of particular note are a chapel next to the changing rooms, the presidential box, the VIPs lounge, the press rooms, several television studios, the Sports Medicine Centre, the Operative Control Unit (UCO), the veteran players area, the FC Barcelona club museum, and the offices of all of the many different Club departments.

How big is Camp Nou capacity?

Camp Nou

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Full name Spotify Camp Nou
Location Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Public transit at Palau Reial or Les Corts at Collblanc at Av.

What is the average attendance of Camp Nou?

Published by May 23, 2022 In the 2021/2022 season, matches FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou attracted an average of approximately 54 thousand spectators. This was the highest average attendance to La Liga’s home matches in that season. Atlético de Madrid, with around 46.7 thousand spectators to home matches on average, ranked second in that season.

Is Camp Nou full capacity?

When will the new Camp Nou stadium be ready and what is the capacity? – It is anticipated that the new Camp Nou will be ready for use at full capacity in 2026. It should be finished in the last quarter of 2025, but it will take some time after that before it can be used. The new capacity of the stadium will be 105,000, an increase from 99,354.

Who has the biggest capacity football stadium?

List of association football stadiums by capacity

No. Stadium Seating capacity
1 Rungrado 1st of May Stadium ♦ 114,000
2 Azadi Stadium ♦ 100,116
3 Melbourne Cricket Ground ♦ 100,024
4 Camp Nou ♦ 99,354

What stadium has the biggest capacity?

The Top-10 Largest Sports Stadiums

Stadium capacity
1 Narendra Modi Stadium 132,000
2 Rungrado May Day Stadium 114,000
3 Michigan Stadium 107,601
4 Beaver Stadium 106,572

Is Wembley bigger than Camp Nou?

2. Wembley Stadium – 90,000 – How Many Seats Does Camp Nou Have Ian Wilson from London, England, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons The Wembley Stadium is the national stadium of England. It is the largest stadium in the United Kingdom with a seating capacity of 90,000 and the second largest in Europe behind Camp Nou.

  • Located in London, it is a UEFA Category 4 stadium used for major English domestic finals like the FA Cup, EFL Cup and Community Shield.
  • Wembley also serves as the headquarters of the Football Association (the FA).
  • Apart from football, it has hosted boxing bouts, American football matches, Rugby union matches and the Summer Olympics.

Other social events like music concerts are also held in the stadium. Wembley is one of the finest in the country. It has two partially retractable roof structures over the east and west ends of the stadium. The construction cost was £798 million.

What is the biggest stadium in Europe?

Europe’s largest football stadiums

Stadium Capacity
1 Camp Nou 99,354
2 Wembley Stadium 90,000
3 Signal Iduna Park 81,359
4 Estadio Santiago Bernabeu 81,044

Is Real Madrid stadium bigger than Barcelona?

FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou ranked as the Spanish soccer stadium with the largest capacity during the 2021/2022 season with approximately 99.8 thousand seats. Santiago Bernabéu, the official stadium of Real Madrid, was the second largest venue, with a capacity to host nearly 85.5 thousand fans.

What is the highest ever football attendance?

Maracana Stadium – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (official attendance: 199,854) – Brazil v Uruguay, World Cup Final, 1950 The largest ever “official” attendance. step forward the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where just shy of 200,000 people watched Uruguay lift the World Cup trophy back in 1950.

  1. The hosts went into the match only needing a draw to win.
  2. Back then, the winners weren’t decided through today’s knock out tournament – instead the top 4 teams played each other in a mini league with the top team crowned champions.
  3. Brazil went into the match 1 point ahead of Uruguay.
  4. Despite going 1 up, Uruguay turned the match around in the 2nd half, scoring the winner with 11 minutes left.

Winning goal scorer Ghiggia was the last surviving player before he passed away on July 16, 2015 – 65 years to the day after he scored the winning goal. Such was Brazil’s confidence of victory, they’d already printed 22 gold medals inscribed with each player’s name and practiced and recorded a winners’ sing to be played at full-time.

A local morning paper printed a picture of the Brazilian team with the caption “world champions”. According to legend, the Uruguayan captain bought as many copies as he could and laid them out on the floor in the dressing room for the team to urinate on before the match. The aftermath of Brazil’s defeat saw calls for them to change their kit from white (at the time) to the now famous yellow shirts with blue shorts.

The 22 gold medals were never seen again and the victory song has never been performed. A couple of side notes about the 1950 World Cup. the final was one for 4 matches to break through 100,000, the other 3 all involved the hosts and were all at the Maracana:

142,429 – Brazil 2-0 Yugoslavia 138,886 – Brazil 7-1 Sweden 152,722 – Brazil 6-1 Spain

That 1950 World Cup held the highest average attendance record right through until USA 94. This stat is heavily skewed by the Brazil though, as a handful of games didn’t even reach 10,000:

7,987 – Uruguay 3-2 Sweden 5,284 – Uruguay 8-0 Bolivia 7,903 – Sweden 2-2 Paraguay 8,501 – Chile 5-2 USA 9,511 – Spain 3-1 USA 3,580 – Switzerland 2-1 Mexico 7,336 – Yugoslavia 3-0 Switzerland

So, despite inventing the beautiful game, none of the top 7 football attendances ever recorded were actually in England. Biggest football attendance in England. How Many Seats Does Camp Nou Have

Do Barcelona games sell out?

Book your Camp Nou Experience tickets online to avoid the queues – We recommend you take a few minutes to read the following information carefully before ordering your Barcelona FC tickets online. When you purchase Barcelona FC tickets online it will be up to you to check and confirm the exact date and time of the game before the scheduled match date.

  • This is most reliably done by visiting the official Spanish Football Federation website:,
  • In general, online ticket booking sites do not have a responsibility to inform you if football game dates have changed after a customer has made a booking.
  • The role of the booking agent is to provide you with the tickets for the match.

It is up to you to check the match is still scheduled as planned for yourself. This is just part of the nature of buying football tickets and the changeable nature of fixtures. Most games go ahead as planned, but there can be changes at short notice, so it is worth being prepared for this eventuality.

  • We have included some tips below that will help ensure you will still get to see the match even if the match date changes.
  • It requires a little planning in advance and to ensure to build in some flexibility to your visit dates.
  • But if you follow these tips, it will go a long way to ensuring you see the match, even if the date changes.

For football games at the weekend it is possible for the match to be moved from Sunday to Saturday and possibly even to Monday. For football games scheduled mid-week, they can be moved from Wednesday to Tuesday or possibly even to Thursday. This is the reason why we recommend you book your flights and accommodations according to the possible changes mentioned above.

  1. Ensure that your arrival date is at least one day before any of the possible football game scheduled date changes as mentioned above.
  2. So, for example, if you want to see a match on a Sunday, then you ideally would book your journey to arrive Friday and to return Tuesday.
  3. This way if the match is moved to a Saturday or a Monday you still get to attend the match.

The link to the online booking site below has the following terms and conditions which is worth knowing before you book your football tickets so you can be prepared for changes in schedule. When you make your booking, and it is confirmed your booking is non-refundable whatever your personal circumstances might be.

  • If a match date changes e.g., from Sunday to Saturday or Monday (or vice versa), there are no refunds if you cannot make the new match date.
  • If a match date changes from Wednesday to Tuesday or Thursday or vice-versa there will also be no refunds.
  • If a match is postponed due to adverse weather conditions your match ticket will be valid for the new date, but there will be no refund for your booking if you can’t make the new date.

Booking sites will not accept liability for any consequential loss of travel costs etc. if for any reason you cannot make the new rescheduled match date or if you need to cancel for whatever reason. The above conditions are set because of the nature of how a football match can change, and it is best that you arrange your travel plans accordingly to be as flexible as possible.

Which soccer team has the highest attendance?

With an average home match attendance of roughly 73 thousand, Manchester United recorded the highest average attendance in the 2021/22 Premier League season. This comes after soccer leagues of all levels had to restrict themselves for COVID-19. In the first season to go fully back at it in the stadiums, the Premier League bounces back strong showing higher overall attendance numbers than Germany’s Bundesliga, which lead in attendance prior to the pandemic.

  • Best league in the world? Premier League attendances have been on the rise for the last decade, with the 2017/18 season representing the previous peak in the figures – some 38,484 fans on average attended each home game of that season,
  • Whilst these are impressive figures for a league often dubbed the best in the world, they pale in comparison to those of the German Bundesliga.

Over 43,000 fans attended an average game in Germany’s top league in 2019, with the highest average attendance found at Borussia Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park, Manchester United’s supremacy in danger? While they remain the most successful Premier League team of all time, Manchester United has found success hard to come by in recent years.

  1. Indeed, United’s most recent title came back in the 2012-13 season, which was legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson’s, final season of management before his retirement.
  2. This title drought in recent years will only have been compounded by the fact that local rivals, Manchester City, were crowned champions in both 2018 and 2019.

However, the Red Devils can take solace in the fact that the club remains one of the most valuable brands in world soccer,

Is Camp Nou the biggest stadium in the world?

Biggest football stadiums in the world – Some of the biggest football stadiums in the world can be found in Europe, where many of the game’s most prestigious clubs are situated. Old Trafford is home to Manchester United, one of England’s most successful teams and, with a capacity of 74,994, it is one of the biggest football grounds in the UK. How Many Seats Does Camp Nou Have Real Madrid play their home games at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which houses 81,044 spectators, while France’s national stadium is the 81,338-capacity Stade de France, Borussia Dortmund boast the biggest stadium in Germany – their Westfalenstadion can facilitate 81,365 fans at a maximum.

New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, which is home to NFL sides the New York Giants and the New York Jets, is one of the biggest football grounds in the United States and has hosted a number of international games. Its maximum capacity is 82,500, which makes it slightly bigger than Giants Stadium, the ground it replaced.

Brazil’s Maracana in Rio de Janeiro is the biggest stadium in the country and the jewel in its football crown. The 78,838-capacity venue, which is home to Flamengo and Fluminense as well as the Brazil national team, has hosted two World Cup finals, in 1950 and 2014.

Is Camp Nou in FIFA 22?

Which stadiums are missing? – The Camp Nou of FC Barcelona, the biggest stadium in Europe, is still missing. Also the arena of FC Bayern Munich and the stadium of Juventus Turin (Piemonte Calcio) are missing in FIFA 22. The reason for this is quickly found, Barcelona, FC Bayern and Juventus Turin have signed an official partnership with Konami.

Which are the best seats in Camp Nou?

Premium Longside, level 1, 2 and 3 The seats are Located on the 1st 2 levels of both the lateral and presidential stand, by the center of the pitch, this category brings you closer to the benches’ sideline. these are definitely some of the best seats at the Camp Nou.

How many seats are in the Santiago Bernabeu?

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

El Bernabéu Nuevo Chamartín
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Full name Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Former names Estadio Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (1947–1955)
Location Chamartín, Madrid, Spain
Public transit at Santiago Bernabéu
Executive suites 245
Capacity 81,044 show List
Record attendance 129,690 ( Real Madrid v.

Can you choose your seats at Camp Nou?

VISIT CAMP NOU STADIUM : HOW TO GET TICKETS TO AN FC BARCELONA MATCH – All the seats in Camp Nou Stadium are held by season ticket holders. For every home game, ticket holders decide whether to attend the match or allow their seat to be sold to the general public.

  • As an incentive to free their seats, they are given 50% of the ticket sale price.
  • Season ticket holders generally start releasing their seats 10-14 days before the match.
  • It is highly recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance, as they are in high demand.
  • We didn’t know this and we were looking for tickets 2 days before the match.

By this time there were very few seats together, the best ones were gone and the cheapest ticket options were also sold out. How Many Seats Does Camp Nou Have

How many away fans does Nou Camp have?

Barcelona’s president, Joan Laporta, said he was ’embarrassed and ashamed’ after a reported 30,000 Eintracht Frankfurt fans made it into the Camp Nou for Thursday’s Europa League quarter-final despite away fans being allocated only 5,000 tickets.