How To Put On Seat Covers?

How To Put On Seat Covers
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    How do you put on seat cover strings?

    Proper installation & care ensure extended use. Full Custom Fit Seat Cover Installation Instructions

      Tie a string to each of the loops that will go through the crack of the seat, and at least 1 on the front part of the seat cover. Fit the cover on the bottom cushion, then feed the strings through the crack of the seat. You should be able to see the loops from the backside once pulled through. Run each separate string under the seat to a support spring, then back to the loop. Tie off in a slip knot for easy removal. Make sure you go above any electronic components and moving mechanisms. The picture below shows the cover tied off with slip knots. At this point you will cut off the excess string. Below is the front part of the seat, where the backs of your legs will be. You can run just 1 string to a spring and back as you did for the opposite end. If you would like to do more than 1, it won’t hurt, but 1 should do the job. Cut off the excess string after tied off. Looking at the side of the seat the material on most seats at this point will be hanging over the side plastic panels. Go ahead and tuck the seat cover into that side panel. Below shows each end of the draw string resting on the seat. Run both ends through the crack of the seat. Before pulling tight, work the draw strings from the center where you fed it to, to the outer edges around the sides of the cushion. Pull tight and tie it off in a slipknot. Cut off the excess string. With the top covers you will start by removing the adjustable headrests, if applicable. Some headrests are easily removed by simply pushing the release button and sliding the headrest out. Others will require using common household items to remove them.

      1. Some Ford Trucks have a visible release button on one molding and a recessed button on the other molding.
      2. Press both buttons at the same time to remove.
      3. Older Jeep Cherokees twist the round moldings in the direction of the arrow on the molding.
      4. Dodge Dakotas have a groove in the side of the molding which you can insert a small flat head screw driver into, to release the headrest.

      GM and some Ford models have pinholes in the plastic base moldings. Use a finishing nail or paper clip to release the headrests. It might be easiest on these configurations to have a second person pull up on the headrest for you as your are pressing both release buttons simultaneously. Tie a string to each of the loops on the longer bottom edge of the cover.

      Do car seat covers fit all cars?

      Universal seat covers are a great option for drivers who want to protect their car seat without being locked into the extra cost and commitment of a custom seat cover. On top of saving money, there’s lots of other reasons a universal seat cover may be right for you. In this post you’ll learn:

      why you need a seat cover for your car or truck the benefits of universal seat covers what to watch out for when buying a universal seat cover how to install universal seat covers questions to ask when making a buying decision where to buy a universal seat cover

      Here’s what can happen without a good car seat cover. Over time, moisture, food, pet hair, sweat and body oils can damage leather and cloth car seats. Sweat is bad for your car seats because of the salt and body oils. Regular cleaning of your seats can help, but it won’t prevent long-term damage. The only way to do that is to use a car or truck seat cover that will provide a barrier between you and your car seat.

      Leather seats are particularly susceptible to wear and tear, because moisture and body oils will break down leather and cause cracks and other visible signs of damage. Restoring leather seats is expensive, and replacing leather seats can be even more costly. Plus, finding an exact leather match can be difficult.

      This video explains why: Universal seat covers will typically fit most vehicles, so unless you’re driving a classic car or an exotic sports car, you should be good to go with a universal fit. Universal car and truck seat covers are also less expensive than custom fitted seat covers.

      Be careful, though, because there’s lots of very cheap, low quality products out there. Universal covers are normally much easier to install than custom fit covers, and they usually don’t require a professional you can save money and time there. Car and truck seat covers will prevent sweat, stains, odors, spills and cracked leather.

      If you stay active or live in a warm climate, the salt in your seat, and the body oils, can destroy leather and cloth seats over time. The best universal car seat covers are machine washable and easy to clean. Using a seat cover can extend the life of your car seat and also maximize your car’s resale value. The right universal car seat cover will protect your car from all sorts of nasty stuff, maximize your car’s value, and is easy to use.but that doesn’t mean you can buy any product out there. Here’s why. Go to any walmart or big box store (or Amazon) and you’ll find all sorts of low-end, cheap, poorly made universal seat covers.

      How do you keep leather car seats from being slippery?


      Thought I would pop this in general: Mrs Sproket has just got another car with full leather seats, but they are as slippery as ice hmy: Has anybody found a suitable seat cover that wont damage the leather but will help to stop sliding about. Thank you Jun 20, 2005 14,889 2,124 40,935


      We’ve had leather seats in our cars for the last 15 years with no ” slippery” issues. I clean the seats twice a year with Auto gym leather cleaner followed up with a good dose of Auto gym leather feed. I suspect some materials used in clothing could make a difference. The non slip mat stuff may help but I don’t know if that would damage the leather. Maybe search a breakers for fabric seats?


      Cheers DD We suspect it the clothing that is causing it. thought about some of that non slip stuff before i posted. also wondered if it been buffed up a bit when it was valeted before we collected it. I have leather seats in the truck & have experienced it myself ( I put that down to clothing at the time ) Jun 20, 2005 14,889 2,124 40,935


      Sir Sprocket I bet someone has sprayed them with a silicone polish. No wonder they are slippery. Try the leather cleaner.once dry the will look dull but not slippery. Experiment then with the leather feed. good luck.maybe it’s the silk you both


      Hi Sproket. I – like Dustydog and I am many many others have had cars with full leather trim for many many years,indeed all of my last 6 Volvo estate cars have leather trim as standard as did my 1997 Rover 825i Sterling Auto. As has been suggested the vehicle seats could have been sprayed or treated with any one of several inappropriate concoctions and that could include furniture polish as well as silicone polish.