Is Seat A Good Car Brand?

Is Seat A Good Car Brand
18. Volkswagen –

Reliability rating: 62% Average repair costs: £710

SEAT is one of the many brands owned by Volkswagen, so it perhaps isn’t a big surprise to see its parent company is pretty similar in the reliability stakes according to Warranty Wise. Volkswagen’s overall reliability score is identical at 62%, though the claims data suggests that, on average, VWs tend to be a tiny bit pricier to put right than SEATs.

Are seat cars reliable?

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Which SEAT cars are the least reliable? – Of course, they can’t all be incredibly reliable cars, or can they? Here are the least reliable SEAT models;

SEAT Ateca SEAT Toledo

And honestly, those are only ranked as the least reliable because the others have ranked so highly. In conclusion, if you want a reliable car, then a SEAT is a really good bet. Their models have topped many a reliability list and their owners have nothing but good things to say about them.

  • Compared to their rivals, they are average.
  • However, that shouldn’t put you off.
  • Both competitors, Renault and Peugeot, do score pretty highly themselves.
  • Their reliability could be down to the fact that they are pretty simple cars that do the job which means a lower price initially and lower repair costs, should the situation arise.

We can safely recommend SEAT as a reliable brand to you.

Is seat becoming a budget car brand?

Is Seat A Good Car Brand Seat began life as a manufacturer of badge-engineered Fiats in Spain. It struck out on its own in 1982, only to become a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in 1986. Since then, Seat has grown to be the sporty, youthful brand in the VW portfolio, with a string of sharply styled models such as the Mii, Ibiza and Leon.

  1. These share many parts with their VW equivalents, the Up, Polo and Golf.
  2. Some Seat models have high-performance Cupra and Cupra R derivatives.
  3. But increasingly, Seat is becoming a budget offering in the same way as its Skoda sister brand, with models like the Toledo.
  4. Like most other brands, Seat has also branched out into the SUV world with models such as the Arona and Ateca, also based on VW models.
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So can you trust the Seat brand and are Seat cars reliable? Keep reading to find out. See all of our expert, independent Seat car reviews,

Which seat car should you buy?

Choosing the best Seat car – The Seat range mirrors quite closely that of Skoda, but your choice of models within each range is not quite as broad. If you’re after a small car, Seat offers the Mii city car, Ibiza hatchback and Arona small SUV, Step up a class and there’s the budget-priced Toledo and the VW Golf-based Leon, which is offered in hatchback and estate forms, as well as a high-riding off-road orientated version called the Seat Xperience,

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