What Is Seat Full Link?

What Is Seat Full Link
SEAT Full Link technology is a new infotainment system completely integrated into SEAT cars, offering a range of ways that you can connect with your smartphone. Compatible with practically all available smartphones, you can ensure you stay connected wherever your journey takes you.

What is seat Full Link technology?

Use SEAT Full Link Technology alongside MirrorLinkTM, Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM to seamlessly control your Android or iOS smartphone straight from your intuitive Modular Infotainment Board (MIB). With MirrorLinkTM Technology your smartphone’s screen is mirrored on your navigator, making calling, texting or streaming music a fully integrated experience.

What is wireless Full Link and how does it work?

It delivers access to a range of functionality including music, podcasts, mapping and contacts through the infotainment screen Wireless Full Link is now available for the new SEAT Ibiza, new SEAT Arona, SEAT Leon, SEAT Ateca and SEAT Tarraco

Can I activate seat Full Link remotely in Bradford?

Description – Activation of SEAT Full Link in your Leon, Ibiza and other models that will allow you to access Apple Carplay and Android Auto for much safer driving experience. Apple Carplay and Android Auto is capable of showing useful apps like Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, Apple Music and much more.

Siri is also integrated within Carplay, to provide a more enhanced hands free experience. Using our smart activation solution, we can easily activate this Full Link in your SEAT if you have a MIB2 stereo/headunit in your car. MIB2 MMI headunits were installed in 2015+ cars. This is just a software activation and no hardware changes are made.

On some headunits we are able to activate Voice Control too. This might be included in the price or be extra depending on your headunit. Only possible on units with Navigation. We can activate Full Link in Bradford or Remotely. For remote activation, only SD Card, Laptop and something to code (VCDS/OBD11) are needed.

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Does the seat range have wireless full link?

SEAT is the brand with the youngest customer profile in Europe, 10 years younger than the sector average. Connectivity is therefore one of the fundamental pillars of the brand. SEAT continues delivering high levels of connectivity no matter which vehicle you’re in with the introduction of wireless Full Link across its range*.

  • Wireless Full Link allows users to connect their mobile devices to the vehicle’s infotainment system wirelessly and bring their digital eco-system into the vehicle.
  • So whether you want to bring your contact list into the car, the music or the podcasts that are part of your journey or mapping systems, they are all available, accessed in a controlled, intuitive, safe manner that won’t distract drivers from the road, using either the infotainment system or the integrated steering wheel controls.

“The world is changing and the need to access our digital lives increases every day,” said Leyre Olavarria, responsible for Connected Infotainment and interactive electronics at SEAT. “This is why at SEAT our goal is to implement high-value car-related features so that our customers can enhance their vehicle with new functions.

The Wireless Full Link system available across the range* puts the functionality stored in customers’ smartphones at their fingertips from the comfort of the vehicle cabin.” The wireless Full Link system enables customers to access their digital lives no matter what device they use through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto using a wireless connection based on WLAN.

If preferred, a cabled connection is also possible. The technology delivers all the relevant functionality to the user through the infotainment system, maintaining the intuitiveness and usability whether controlled through the touchscreen or steering wheel controls.

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The Wireless Full Link Technology is now available for the new SEAT Ibiza, new SEAT Arona, SEAT Leon, SEAT Ateca and SEAT Tarraco. And with vehicles that include the optional Connectivity Box with inductive charging that meets Qi standard protocols, users don’t need to worry about losing battery at crucial moments, meaning SEAT’s line-up of vehicles is always connected.

In addition to the Wireless Full Link, SEAT’s range* is fully connected with in-car and out-car connectivity, including SEAT Connect and natural voice recognition “Hola Hola” SEAT CONNECT is the integrated connectivity platform that improves the customer’s driving experience.

The eco-system will expand with online services, bringing an even greater breadth of functionality and usability to the SEAT range of vehicles. The connected experience doesn’t end once out of the vehicle: users can access their vehicle’s data remotely thanks to the SEAT CONNECT app, and also manage the charging process and control the air conditioning remotely for plug-in hybrid variants in the line-up (SEAT Leon e-HYBRID and SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID), among others.

And for those willing to go a step further, the activation of SEAT CONNECT upgrades the optional Navigation System with features such as online traffic information with maps always updated, live radio stations worldwide and online music streaming *Wireless Full Link is available across the current SEAT range, except for the SEAT Alhambra.