Is Kia Soul A Suv?

Is Kia Soul A Suv
While many think of the Kia Soul as a hatchback, it is technically a subcompact SUV. The Soul falls within a sector that combines SUV cargo capacity with the ease and practicality of a compact car, and according to U.S. News, it’s at the very top of its segment.

Are Kia Souls considered SUVs?

The Kia Soul is classified as a subcompact SUV or CUV (crossover utility vehicle), with seating for up to five passengers across two rows of seats.

What class of car is a Kia Soul?

While many think of the Kia Soul as a hatchback, it is technically a subcompact SUV.

Is a Kia Soul a crossover?

What segment does the Kia Soul belong in? – If you want to see how the Kia Soul stacks up against its competition, you’ll have to get some clarity on what segment it’s in first. Even some well-known automotive publications differ on that score. If you go to the website Cars, you’ll see the Soul referred to as a versatile hatchback – the same description used by Kia itself.

Elsewhere, if you look at past Edmunds entries, you’ll see the Kia Soul described as a wagon given its boxy build. HotCars refers to the Soul as a hatchback. Carfax calls it a hot hatchback. Car and Driver refers to it as an SUV. So, if even the automotive experts are split in their descriptions, how is a layperson supposed to know what a Kia Soul is? What category does it belong to? The truth is, the Kia Soul is a subcompact SUV, as per Palmen Kia,

While its unique exterior fuels the perception it could belong to any of these other categories, at its core, the Soul’s chassis and powertrain mark it as an SUV, albeit a small one.

How long does Kia Soul last?

2011 Kia Soul Life Expectancy The 2011 Kia Soul has an average life expectancy of about 200,000 miles, which means it should last you about 14 or 15 years. But if you want your Soul to live a full life and possibly even exceed these numbers, you need to keep up with regular maintenance.

Making quite the statement with its sporty cubic design when it first hit the streets in 2008, the Kia Soul is more than just an eye-catching compact SUV. It was, and still is, an extremely affordable ride that can get you where you need to go for many years thanks to its impressive reliability. Read on to learn how you can maximize the lifespan of your 2011 Kia Soul.

In theory, a 2011 Kia Soul engine can last up to 200,000 miles, The average driver puts roughly 14,000 miles on their vehicle every year, meaning that a regularly driven 2011 Kia Soul has a likely life expectancy of about 15 years, With, a Kia Soul engine should last up to 200,000 miles.

  • The base engine in a 2011 Soul is a 122-horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, while a 142-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is available on the and,
  • Both are very dependable engines, but you will get more mileage on the base engine with 27 combined mpg, compared to the 26 combined mpg of the 2.0-liter engines.

Anything is possible—but it’s extremely uncommon to see any car rack up that kind of mileage. Despite the stellar 87 out of 100 reliability rating from J.D. Power, there are no reported Kia Souls to pass the 500,000-mile threshold yet. Kia claims that a Soul should last 200,000 miles with proper care,

  • There are no formal studies conducted to uncover the actual amount that made it this far, but check out any Kia Forum and you will see plenty of Souls still kicking past 200,000 miles.
  • So rather than look at potential life expectancy, let’s look realistically at the average life expectancy of a 2011 Soul.
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According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, a passenger car in the US has an average lifespan of about 11 years—significantly less than the 14 or 15 it would take to reach 200,000 miles. While Kias, specifically the Soul, are some of the most reliable cars out there, even the super sturdy Soul’s life can be cut short by weak ownership.

Regular maintenance: All it takes is one missed oil change to throw your car’s life expectancy off course. The Souls celebrating 200,000 miles are the ones that remained diligent with oil changes. Mileage: If a 2011 Kia Soul keeps its annual mileage below 14,000 miles, you can expect it to be on the road well past 15 years. Accident history: Strong reliability ratings can only go so far for a car that’s been through the wringer. If your Soul’s parts have been damaged, it can reduce the car’s overall life expectancy.

There are plenty of 2011 Souls for sale, so if you’re in the market for one, take a look at their mileage first, If you find one well below 200,000 miles, you can expect the car to last you at least a handful of years so long as you take good care of it.

However, if you find a Soul approaching that 200,000-mile mark, you should research its history and have it inspected, It’s certainly no secret— maintenance is the key to a long and happy life for any car. High mileage Souls aren’t always a bad thing. If they’ve been cared for properly, they can get you from Point A to B long after it is expected of them.

Is the NEW 2023 Kia Soul a better small SUV to buy than a Honda HR-V?

Your owner’s manual is your best resource to learn all about the Soul’s maintenance schedule for oil changes, fluid flushes, and brake work. The Kia Souls of the early 2010s have high marks across the board from both critics and customers—but there are still some issues to watch out for.

Unusual engine sounds : Most common on the 2012 Soul, but reported on for several other models, if you hear a ticking noise coming from under the hood, you may need to have your coolant system checked out before the entire engine fails. Loose seat belt : A problem severe enough to warrant a recall from Kia, if you notice your seat belt doesn’t tighten up when it’s locked in, you can bring it to a dealer to be repaired free of charge. Faulty alternator : If your Soul fails to start even after a jump, you’re probably facing an alternator malfunction. A replacement usually costs around $500 for parts and labor. Oil leaks : A common problem on any car, your older Soul may leak due to its oil gasket degrading. Thankfully this is an affordable fix at $50 and can prevent even bigger issues down the road. Busted timing chain : The timing chains found on a 2011 Soul ensure the engine operates properly but will need to be replaced around the 100,000-mile mark. The $700 repair may sound like a lot, but it will be worth it to keep your engine in shape.

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What Toyota is similar to the Kia Soul?

The Kia Soul and the Toyota C-HR are two of the most popular small cars on the market. They are both stylish, efficient, and affordable hatchbacks designed for city driving. But which one is right for you? Here is a comparison of the two cars to help you decide.

  • Design & Style The exterior design of the 2022 Kia Soul is much more appealing than that of the 2022 Toyota C-HR.
  • The 2022 Kia Soul has a more youthful and funkier look, while the C-HR looks more like a traditional hatchback.
  • The Soul’s unique features, such as its stacked headlights and “tiger nose” grille, give it a distinctive look that will turn heads.

The C-HR’s bland design will likely be forgettable than the Soul’s eye-catching style. Additionally, the Soul is available in a wider variety of colors, which makes it even more eye-catching. When it comes to interior design, the Kia Soul wins hands down.

The Soul’s interior is colorful and fun, with soft-touch materials and interesting textures throughout. The C-HR’s interior is more boring, with hard plastics and few design details. The Soul’s dashboard is also much more user-friendly than the C-HR’s. The 2022 Kia Soul has big, easy-to-use buttons and knobs, while the C-HR’s controls are small and difficult to reach.

Plus, the Soul comes with a standard 8″ touchscreen display, while the C-HR doesn’t come with a touchscreen at all. Technology & Safety The 2022 Kia Soul is the clear winner in terms of technology and safety. The 2022 Kia Soul comes packed with an impressive array of standard features, including an 8-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a rearview camera, front and rear parking sensors, and automatic emergency braking.

  • The 2022 Toyota C-HR doesn’t come close to matching the Soul’s level of standard technology.
  • It has a basic 6.1-inch infotainment system with no smartphone integration, no rearview camera, and front or rear parking sensors.
  • The C-HR also doesn’t offer advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking.

This means that the Soul is more technologically advanced and safer than the C-HR. Performance The Kia Soul has a 2.0-liter engine that produces 147 hp @ 6,200 rpm horsepower and 132 lb-ft @ 4,500 rpm of torque. The Toyota C-HR has a 1.8-liter engine that produces only 148 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque.

In addition, the Kia Soul gets much better fuel economy than the Toyota C-HR. The Kia Soul gets an EPA estimated 27 city/32 highway MPG, while the Toyota C-HR gets only 25 city/29 highway MPG. So if you’re looking for a small car with great engine specs and performance, as well as good fuel economy, the Kia Soul is definitely the way to go.

The Bottom Line Both cars are stylish and have great features. However, the 2022 Kia Soul has a few advantages over the Toyota C-HR. The Kia Soul is more affordable than the Toyota C-HR. This makes it a better option for budget-minded buyers. The Kia Soul gets better gas mileage than the Toyota C-HR.

  1. This means that you will save money on gas if you choose the Kia Soul.
  2. The Kia Soul has more cargo space than the Toyota C-HR.
  3. This makes it a better choice for those who need to store a lot of items.
  4. Ready to Schedule Your 2022 Kia Soul Test Drive Today? Are you in the market for a new 2022 Kia Soul? If so, we welcome you to South Shore Kia! We have an incredible selection of new 2022 Kia Soul models for you to choose from.
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Schedule your appointment today and come see us at South Shore Kia! We can’t wait to help you get behind the wheel!

Did Kia stop making the Soul?

Kia has updated the Soul for 2023 with new front- and rear-end designs. The Turbo model and X-Line trim level have been dropped from the lineup. The 2023 Soul will arrive at dealerships in late summer.

UPDATE 6/29/22: Pricing for the 2023 Soul starts at $21,085, a modest $500 increase. The EX trim is also up by $500 and starts at $24,885, while both the S ($23,585) and GT-Line ($24,685) trims are up by $700 compared with last year. Kia has been working to simplify the Soul lineup for a few years now: after dropping the base model’s manual transmission last year, it’s now killing off the optional 201-horsepower Turbo engine and the rugged-looking X-Line trim level along with the 2023 Soul’s facelift.

  1. This leaves the Soul’s sole engine option as a 147-hp naturally aspirated 2.0-liter inline-four with a continuously variable automatic transmission.
  2. In our testing, this version got to 60 mph in 8.0 seconds, while the Turbo did the deed in 6.4 seconds.
  3. The trim levels that remain include LX, S, EX, and GT-Line.

All of those models benefit from new styling for 2023, which includes reshaped headlights and a different front bumper, along with new taillights and a revised rear fascia. New 17- and 18-inch wheel designs complete the new look. Kia is offering two new two-tone color combinations: Surf Blue with a black roof, like you see here, and Clear White with a black roof. Senior Editor Despite being raised on a steady diet of base-model Hondas and Toyotas—or perhaps because of it—Joey Capparella nonetheless cultivated an obsession for the automotive industry throughout his childhood in Nashville, Tennessee. He found a way to write about cars for the school newspaper during his college years at Rice University, which eventually led him to move to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for his first professional auto-writing gig at Automobile Magazine,