Is Toyota Raize An Suv?

Is Toyota Raize An Suv
Raize – Toyota Trinidad The all-new 2021 Toyota Raize is an instantly recognizable, fun-to-drive compact SUV for those with active lifestyles; complete with a compact body and excellent visibility which enables impressive manoeuvrability.

What type of vehicle is Toyota Raize?

Raize – Overview – Toyota Jamaica Pursuing an active lifestyle and need a car that provides utility and fun for work and leisure. The Toyota Raize is the perfect compact, dynamic, active SUV to energize your everyday life. Equipped with an all-new platform enabling world-class handling stability and ride comfort, the Raize is sure to deliver.

Is Raize a SUV or crossover?

Toyota Raize Overview – The Toyota Raize is the Japanese brand’s latest entry into the 5-seater subcompact crossover/SUV market. It comes with an angular styling befitting of a sporty crossover and is available with two engine options, the first is a naturally aspirated 1.2-liter and the second is a turbocharged 1.0-liter with both coming in a 3-cylinder format.

The Raize also boasts a few key features from the Toyota Safety Sense suite. It’s a crossover ideal for young professionals looking for their first car or for those looking to get a reliable secondary vehicle with 200 mm worth of ground clearance. Launch The Toyota Raize launched on February 4, 2022, and was made available with four different variants.

The subcompact crossover was also made available with two engine options the first being a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder motor, while the second is a 1.0-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine. The former produces 86 hp and 113 Nm of torque, while the latter makes 96 hp and 140 Nm of torque.

Is Toyota Raize a compact SUV?

Toyota Raize | Compact SUV | Toyota Laos.

How big is Toyota Raize?

Dimension and Weight

Overall Dimensions (mm) 4,030 x 1,710 x 1,605
Seating Capacity 5

Why the Toyota Raize is so popular?

Is Toyota Raize An Suv When the Toyota Raize came into the picture early this year, it commanded the kind of attention that made you think of it as possibly just another one-hit wonder. You know what I’m talking about — the car that gains popularity overnight, then blends into the woodwork as soon as the next big launch comes into focus.

In the months that followed, it became clear that the Raize was made for longer shelf-life to rival any hit single of its well-loved OPM endorser, Ben & Ben. Since its introduction, the Toyota Raize has lived up to its vision of raising the game for sub-compact SUVs everywhere ( read our review of the Raize 1.0 Turbo too ).

It is basic, true, but also in a way that sparks the creativity and aspiration for its owner to make it their own. It is the “blank canvas,” so to speak, and challenges the norm in how far you can actually take it. As I had said before, and stand by it to this day, it was designed to support a person of promise—ambitious, practical, goal-oriented, and with keen sense of success. Compact, adorable design It is clear to see why so many are enamored with the Toyota Raize. Its unique, compact design is incredibly adorable and functional, allowing it to fit right in to the metro’s busy streets, zipping in and out of traffic easily.

Feature highlights are the sleek LED headlamps, contrasting black floating roof, and 16-inch alloy wheels that give the illusion of length and height, allowing the car to stand out in a crowd. The beauty of the Raize’s exterior is how it offers a refined yet rugged vibe, given the multi-faceted edges around the front face.

This is complemented by the honeycomb grille that is perfectly proportioned to the height of the hood. This exudes a youthful, sporty image that can fit the taste of different age groups and interests. Refined, functional cabin The interior cabin of the Raize is laid out in the most practical matter, as is expected with any Toyota vehicle. Feature functions are kept to the basics, making the interior as simple as it can get. One might say that it’s too simple and admittedly, the only thing that literally stands out is the 8-inch infotainment system monitor.

However, it packs all the requisites such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It even has a 7-inch TFT digital cluster. What makes it one of the most functional daily-driven partners is how it supports a multitude of lifestyles. The Raize interior is fitted with practical storage spaces throughout the cabin, including the area below the center console, by the driver and passenger legs, as well as an additional cupholder right by the driver’s left-side air-conditioning vent.

The cargo hold is roomy and generous, enough for at least 2 medium-sized luggage, but offering even more space when the rear seats are folded down flat. To offset the simplicity of the layout, Toyota finished up the cabin design with cool, sporty details. Smooth, easy handling If it’s fun, drivable performance you’re looking for, the Toyota Raize ticks the box. Not only is its size perfect for busy urban streets, but the 1.2-liter Dual VVT-i engine and its 88 horsepower, 113 Nm of torque output is responsive, allowing you to weave through in-city traffic and highways with hardly any effort.

Of course, being a small displacement 3-cylinder engine, it could clearly do better as a highway or long-distance tourer. But, again, as a peppy city car that can support a multitude of activities? It’s definitely built for that. The suspension on the Raize is also light and stable and can go over traffic humps with ease.

Road obstructions and uneven pathways are a different story and the car’s light body means that you can feel absolutely every single bump. Make it your own So, here’s what can be said about the all-new Toyota Raize. Whichever variant you choose to own, it is just the right starter car that offers features you would expect from a higher category and is the size that is designed to grow with you as your own life evolves. Words and Photos by Gen Tiu.

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Why is Toyota Raize popular?

The Toyota Raize’s biggest draw is its size. SUV-ish styling combined with a city-friendly form factor and decent ride height? Consumers treated the package like a match made in heaven.

Is Toyota Raize a 4WD?

Toyota Raize generation A200 1.0 VVT-i 4WD CVT.

Is Toyota Raize a fast car?

Driving and handling – Driving the Toyota Raize is like driving any other small vehicle. It’s nimble on its feet at lower speeds and is fairly quick for city sprints. However, it’s the CVT that robs a bit of the driving experience away as it tames down all the 86hp under the hood.

If you mash the throttle the CVT struggles to find a ratio to quickly get the car going and all you will hear are revs and an engine that sounds like it’s being forced into doing what you ask of it. However, if you are gentle with the throttle and feed it in then the Raize will do what you want in a tamer manner.

Here is the thing, the Raize is a momentum car, and coupled with the CVT means that you need to plan maneuvers such as overtaking way ahead of time. Unlike the turbo model that has meaty mid-range torque once the turbo spools, this naturally aspirated model takes its time delivering you the torque you need.

Is Toyota Raize a reliable car?

2022 Toyota Raize First Impressions Review: Initial Verdict – The Toyota Raize has all the makings of a best-seller – good looks, great driving performance, competitive pricing, and of course, the Toyota badge that’s globally synonymous with reliability. In fact, I’m calling it as early as today – the Raize will definitely be one of TMP’s top three best-sellers in 2022. Is Toyota Raize An Suv The Raize is TMP’s latest crossover contender With a price tag that starts at P746,000 for the E MT and ceilings at P1,031,000 for the non-White Pearl Turbo variant, the Raize can eat away on sales figures of the country’s bestseller, the Toyota Vios,

An inevitable happenstance, but we’re sure TMP’s hoping to sway new buyers into the Toyota brand rather than the Vios customers. Related Article: Will the Raize be one of Toyota PH’s best-sellers? Sure, the Raize doesn’t stand out in all areas, particularly with the materials used in the cabin, but that doesn’t stop people from buying the Wigo, right? Now, imagine a Wigo that’s taller and more practical for Philippine roads for just a bit more money.

That’s a tough recipe to beat.

How many people can fit in Toyota Raize?

Toyota Raize is a 5-seater sub-4-meter SUV.

How much is a full tank of Raize?

Is Toyota Raize An Suv Toyota is riding a wave of good news lately. Not only have they captured nearly 50 percent of the local car market, they have a new model that’s ready to roll out of dealerships. In case you haven’t heard, Toyota previewed the Raize crossover recently. Now, they have debuted it. Is Toyota Raize An Suv That said, Toyota didn’t hold a grand launch event or any of the sort. Instead, they were straight oto the point and listed all the specs, features, and prices on the website. Without further ado, let’s see what the subcompact crossover has to offer. Four model variants are available for the Philippines.

These are the 1.2 E M/T, 1.2 E CVT, 1.2 G CVT, and 1.0 Turbo CVT. The E and G versions use a 1.2- liter, three-cylinder engine with 88 PS and 113 Nm of torque. Its manual transmission is a five-speed unit, while the CVT has simulated gears. Meanwhile, the top of the line model comes with a turbocharged 1.0-liter that puts out 98 PS and 140 Nm of torque.

The CVT is the only transmission choice for that variant. The fuel tank capacity for all Raize crossovers is 36 liters. Is Toyota Raize An Suv The 1.2 E models are only available in grey or silver, while the 1.2 G can also be specified in red. Two-tone colors are standard on the 1.0 Turbo CVT. Also, the 1.2 G and 1.0 Turbo have LED headlights, while the 1.2 E settles for halogen lights.17-inch two-tone wheels are exclusive to the Turbo model. Is Toyota Raize An Suv Inside the the Raize, all models have a touchscreen audio display standard with the Turbo getting the larger screen. All come equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The 1.2 G and Turbo versions add automatic climate control, a color multi-info display, six speakers, and a push to start system. Those models also get a digital instrument cluster while the E versions stick to analog. As for safety, all Raize models come equipped with dual front airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control as standard. The 1.0 Turbo gets six airbags, rear-cross traffic alert, and blind-spot monitoring, From the 1.2 G and up, the Raize gets a reverse camera. Is Toyota Raize An Suv Prices are as follows: Raize 1.2 E M/T: PHP 746,000 Raize 1.2 E CVT: PHP 816,000 Raize 1.2 G CVT: PHP 906,000 Raize 1.0 Turbo CVT: PHP 1,031,000 For more auto news and stories, visit the Automart.PH blog, While you’re at it, you can also check out the second-hand and repossessed cars in stock in our main site.

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What is the common problem with Toyota Raize?

Toyota recalls hundreds of Raize SUVs over bad weld – VnExpress International A Toyota Raize in Vietnam. Photo by VnExpress/Minh Quan

The units were made in Indonesia between March 29 and October 8 last year and all of them have been sold, according to the Vietnam Register.The recall was issued after problems were found in front fender apron connections, which caused rattling sounds when the car drove over bumps and potholes.In the worst case, the welded part can detach and potentially cause a major accident, though no mishaps have been reported so far.

The automaker has also recalled nearly 15,000 Raize SUVs in Indonesia, and Lexus, its luxury division, recalled 4,200 NX SUVs in the U.S. for the same defects. Toyota topped auto sales in the first quarter with 18,615 units, according to data from the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association.

What is the common issue of Toyota Raize?

PT Astra Daihatsu Motor was the first one to issue the said recall, and also affected 9,378 units of the Rocky. According to reports, the condition causes an abnormal sound when the Raize passes over bumps or potholes. And worse, the welded part can possibly detach and potentially cause a major accident.

Is Toyota Raize underpowered?

Power & Engine –

1.2L Gasoline Engine 1.0L Turbocharged
Power Output 87 hp 97 hp
Torque 113 Nm 140 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual CVT

There are two different options when it comes to Toyota Raize review Philippines about engine power. The first one is a turbocharged 1.0-liter motor that makes 97 horsepower and 140-newton meters of torque in the highest trim. The lower trims are fitted with a naturally aspirated 1.2-liter motor that generates 87 horsepower and 113-newton meters of torque.

Is Toyota Raize a hybrid car?

Description – Offering a generous ground clearance, a versatile and spacious interior, the 2022 Toyota Raize 1.2G Hybrid raises the bar in delivering optimal comfort and functionality for up to five passengers on board. This highway cruiser is propelled by a 3-cylinder hybrid engine combined with a two-wheel drive system, generating 80 bhp and 105 Nm of torque, while its motor delivers 104 hp and 170 Nm of maximum torque. The Raize is built on the next-generation DNGA platform with a powerful style of an SUV, giving it a familiar look even when stationary.

Will there be a 2023 Toyota Raize?

Toyota Raize Price List Philippines – The 2023 – 2024 Toyota Raize is offered in 4 variants – which are priced from ₱ 746,000 to ₱ 1,031,000, the base model of raize is Toyota Raize 1.2 E MT 2022 which is at a price of ₱ 746,000 and the top variant of Toyota Raize is Toyota Raize 1.0 Turbo CVT 2022 which is offered at a price of ₱ 1,031,000.

2022 | 1.0 L | Car Price ₱ 1,031,000

2022 | 1.2 L | Car Price

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Does Toyota Raize have reverse camera?

G units get a digital instrument cluster and a 7-inch TFT screen, a rear camera with guide lines, automatic A/C, LED daytime running lights a six-speaker sound system, as well as a push-to-start ignition.

What is Toyota Raize based on?

Toyota recently trademarked the two names in India – Toyota has trademarked Raize and Taisor names in India and we come up with the render images of both the cars. While the Raize is expected to be based on the Maruti Brezza, the Taisor is likely to be the Fronx rebadged version.

  1. Toyota is not expected to name the rebadged Brezza as Urban Cruiser now because they are already using this nomenclature for the Hyryder.
  2. It is expected to get a new fascia inspired by the Fortuner just like the previous generation.
  3. The Raize is likely to get a new grille, new headlights and of course the Toyota badging on it.

We can also expect new alloy wheel design with the rebadged vehicle. The Maruti Fronx based Toyota Taisor will get the shape of the Fronx but the front profile is likely to be completely different. The crossover is expected to come with a new grille and headlights along with a new bumper as well. Is Toyota Raize An Suv We expect the Taisor to be a Maruti Fronx based Toyota crossover Is Toyota Raize An Suv

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Is Toyota Raize a Daihatsu?

The all-new Toyota Raize TOYOTA officially launched the Raize—a small sport compact vehicle that came out in Japan in 2019 and made available in left-hand drive first in Cambodia and now in the Philippines. Assembled in Indonesia, Toyota expects to sell 1,000 units of the compact car per month.

  1. The new Raize is a compact SUV small passenger car—more of a hatch than an SUV.
  2. But since this is where Toyota positions it, alongside the Kia Stonic and the Ford Ecosport, this compact SUV measures less than four meters in length.
  3. One can say that it caters to the desires of customers who want to drive an SUV, who want to load their vehicles like an SUV but do not have the spending power to do so.

Toyota said that the Raize “is designed for those who want to experience an SUV to carry-on luggage but are also looking for a vehicle that’s compact and easy to drive.” “The Raize is a game-changer. The Raize leads this year’s lineup of vehicles under our new global architecture that features a new generation of compact SUVs that will appeal to the Philippines’ younger population,” Toyota Motor Philippines president Atsuhiro Okamoto said during the virtual launch.

The Raize is the first compact car produced by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) using DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) platform. Toyota and Daihatsu’s cooperation anticipates product development for both Toyota and Daihatsu brands—which now includes the Avanza. All aspects of the car―including its platform and powertrain unit―have been newly developed, with the goal of realizing outstanding levels of driving performance, luxury, safety, and peace of mind.

It features a compact body just 3,995 millimeters long and 1,695 millimeters wide. It comes in 4 variants with a retail price starting at P746,000. Powertrains range from a 1.0 turbocharged CVT to a 1.2L normally aspirated engine with manual transmission. Following the new global architecture innovations of Toyota in developing new vehicles, Toyota Raize, including its platform and powertrain unit―has been newly developed, with the goal of realizing outstanding levels of driving performance, safety, and peace of mind.

  • It boasts a class-leading 369-liter luggage capacity; the rear seats can also be folded to further increase the cargo space available, enabling particularly large or long items of luggage to be loaded.
  • In addition, there are storage solutions located throughout the cabin, resulting in a highly convenient interior space.

On the outside, the 1.0 Turbo CVT and 1.2 G CVT variants bear a split-type LED headlamps with line guide, while the 1.2 E CVT and 1.2 E MT variants sport halogen headlamps, with daytime running lights available for all variants. Depending on the variant, drivers can enjoy a keyless entry with either push-start or rotary type ignition system. Inside it has a leather and silver ornament (1.0 Turbo CVT and 1.2 G CVT &) or a urethane and silver ornament (1.2. E CVT and 1.0 E MT) steering wheel, while resting on a comfortable seat with an illuminated entry system for all variants. The 5-seater compact vehicle also comes with a surprisingly roomy cargo space that can carry anything from the essential to the recreational.

It has mobility apps preinstalled through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto running on an 8″ or 9″ Display Audio with up to 6-speaker system (for the Turbo and G variant). Power is not a problem as it also has 2 USB charging ports and a 12-volt accessory outlet. All variants come with Vehicle Stability Control & Hill Start Assist, as well as Back Sonars.

The 1.0 Turbo CVT variant comes with a Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, additional front side and curtain airbags, and front clearance sonars. Both the Turbo CVT and G CVT variants come with a back monitor. The new Toyota Raize is available in 3 colors – Gray Metallic, and Silver Metallic.

Is Toyota Raize a hybrid car?

Description – Offering a generous ground clearance, a versatile and spacious interior, the 2022 Toyota Raize 1.2G Hybrid raises the bar in delivering optimal comfort and functionality for up to five passengers on board. This highway cruiser is propelled by a 3-cylinder hybrid engine combined with a two-wheel drive system, generating 80 bhp and 105 Nm of torque, while its motor delivers 104 hp and 170 Nm of maximum torque. The Raize is built on the next-generation DNGA platform with a powerful style of an SUV, giving it a familiar look even when stationary.

How many types of Toyota Raize are there?

Toyota Raize Comparison in Trims and Models – The Toyota Raize 2022 is available in two trims which are the XLE and Limited. the difference between the 2 trims is in the engine option which is a 1.2l 3-cylinder engine on the XLE and 1.0L 3-cylinder engine on the limited, and wheel size which is 16-inch on the XLE, and 17-inch on the limited. some of the features differ between dealers.