Corolla Hybrid 2021 Como Funciona?

El nuevo Corolla Hybrid cuenta con una tecnología que te permite llevar la llave en el bolsillo a la hora de abrir y cerrar el coche. Una vez te sientes tras el volante, basta con pulsar el interruptor azul localizado en el salpicadero -mientras pisas el freno- y nuestro híbrido no enchufable se pondrá en marcha con extrema suavidad. 2.

Is the Toyota Corolla hybrid a good car?

Toyota Corolla Hybrid Full Overview Introduced last year, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid is one of the few small hybrid sedans on the market. Its Prius-like fuel economy gives this understated sedan an advantage over rivals, though its overall practical nature comes with a set of compromises.

Does the 2021 Toyota Corolla have Android Auto?

For 2021, the Corolla catches up to the rest of the world with the addition of Android Auto compatibility. This standard feature joins the already existing Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa compatibility. A nice interior requires plenty of space, too.

How many miles per gallon does a Toyota Corolla get?

The model is EPA-rated at 53/52/52 mpg city/highway/combined, putting it well within Prius territory. For comparison, the long-running hatchback gets 54/50/52 mpg in standard configuration and 58/53/56 mpg on the Eco trim.

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