Is Seat Reliable?

Is Seat Reliable
How reliable are SEAT cars? – Pretty reliable, actually. In a 2015 J.D Power study, SEAT were reported to have 99 problems per 100 vehicles. This was lower than the industry average of 114 problems per 100 vehicles. This is also the case for a study conducted by WarrantyDirect, that showed SEAT right in the middle of their reliability table.

Can seat hold their ground on reliability?

SEAT vs. Renault vs. Peugeot; Which is more reliable? – SEAT have some tough competitors, and in such a saturated market, it can be difficult to make their voices heard. So how do they fare against Renault and Peugeot when it comes to reliability? SEAT hold their ground.

  1. In the WarrantyDirect survey, SEAT fall in between Peugeot and Renault, with Peugeot having a reliability index of 105 and coming 15th out of 36 and Renault with a reliability index of 142 and coming 23rd out of 36.
  2. This, as you read above, is compared to SEAT’s 19th place and reliability index of 126.

In the J.D Power survey, Peugeot are level with SEAT with 99 problems per 100 vehicles and Renault are further down the list with 115 problems per 100 vehicles. This is above the industry average by 1. In the Telegraph list, Renault comes 14th, with 116 problems per 100 vehicles.

How reliable are seats compared to mini?

19. SEAT –

Reliability rating: 62% Average repair costs: £660

Just pipping Mini to 19th spot in Warranty Wise’s reliability rankings is SEAT. According to the repair claims data, SEATs tend to be a little bit less likely to break down than many brands and, when things do go wrong, they’re relatively affordable to fix.